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ound a picture he drew of his school days, with the words, "I miss school.""I realiz▓ed these children were very eager to keep learning," say▓s Liu Zhengchen, who suffered leukemia i▓n his university years and founded t▓he foundation to help leukemia children in 2001.However, ▓Liu and his team

found the children difficult ▓to teach. Some close themselves up and rarely talk. S

ome are restless and uncooperative, always cry▓ing.Most paren

ts, understandably, are indulgent with t▓heir children. "I don't know how long his life will ▓last," says one father. "I'll try my best to make him happy."But Liu asks teachers to tr▓eat these children like all others. If a

oy named Zuo Yan, fr

child has beha▓vioral problems in class, he guides the

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